FullStack Engineer

Hi! My name is Trevor Kirpaul and I specialize in React, TypeScript, and Node.JS.


React, Next.JS, React Native

6 years experience across 7+ successful products. Cypress E2E and Jest Unit Testing. TypeScript, Redux-Toolkit

Node.JS, Express

REST APIs, Docker, CI/CD, PostgresSQL, MongoDB, AWS, Caddy, NGINX

Jira, Confluence, Agile

Proven Tech Lead, well versed in Agile ceremonies and successful product delivery

Best Practices

GitLab Flow, Prettier, ESLint, Clean Code, SOLID, DRY, Latest and Greatest JS/TS


React (Vite), TypeScript, Express, Postgres, AWS, ShadCN/UI, Passkey Authentication


Mobile First Web App for tracking when you feed and change your baby. Deployed on EC2 using Caddy Web Server. Uses passwordless passkey authentication.

Next.JS, SupaBase, TypeScript, Mantine-UI, Tailwind

Infusion Log

Web App for Hemophiliacs to track & export PDF Infusion reports.

React (Vite), MUI, TypeScript, Redux, React Beautiful DND, Express, PostgreSQL

Skincare Scheduler

Drag and Drog schedule creation app for creating a skincare routine


Start: Nov 2023

Role(s): Front End Engineer

Tech Stack(s): React, Next.JS

Start: Feb 2018

End: Aug 2023

Role(s): Web Developer, FE Developer, FullStack Developer, Senior Developer, Tech Lead

Tech Stack(s): React, React Native, Vue, RoR, Web Components

Achievements: Succesful delivery, hit milestones, bug free code, client communication, leadership training, recognition of greatness, team player